Asif shows up in snooker Q School

KARACHI: In the wake of passing his prime since catching the world novice snooker title at Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2012, veteran cueist Mohammad Asif at long last shown up in three competitions of the snooker Q School in Britain however neglected to have any effect, First light has learnt.

Asif, 37, was among the five Pakistani cueists who took an interest in the challenges including previous Asian boss Hamza Akbar, who is playing the star circuit throughout the previous four years. The other three cueists incorporate Britain based Haider Ali, Abdul Raheem and Yasir Nadeem.

This is out of the blue that five Pakistani cueists attempted their karma by so as to fit the bill for the professional circuit.

Presented in 2011, snooker Q School has turned into the most open portal from the beginner set-up into the higher echelons of the game.

Three Q School competitions spread over a fortnight saw 16 beginners graduating into the principle Visit.

It is relevant to make reference to that after Asif's Reality Cup triumph seven years back, a private enterpreneur doled out two million rupees following the cueist's solicitation to highlight in genius circuit.

The Pakistan Billiards and Snooker League (PBSF) had concurred important authorization to Asif to include in the occasion. Other than Asif and Hamza, the other three players needn't bother with authorization as they are not positioning players, the PBSF President Munawwar Shaikh told First light.

Results accessible here demonstrate that in the primary occasion, Asif won the first round against Hong Kong's Chau Hon Man 4-1 preceding slamming out in the following losing to Au Chi-wei, additionally from Hong Kong, 2-4 in the second round.

In the following challenge, Asf made his exit in the absolute initially round while in the last occasion he couldn't go past the third round.

To an inquiry the previous best on the planet said he had spent around Rs 0.6m from his pocket that incorporates cooperation charge of 1000 pounds, return air ticket and convenience.

Hamza, who is in his best scratch, achieved last-16 in the primary Q School before getting wiped out.

He crushed Matthew Roberts of the Ridges 4-0 in first round. In the following, he cut out 4-1 triumph over Indian Fortunate Vatnani. Hamza asked Matthew Sofa of Britain to leave for good 4-0 to sneak into last-32. His next progress was against Ben Hancorn of Britain whom he vanquished 4-1 to drive into pre quarters where he went down 3-4 to British bloke Sean Maddocks.

Raheem, 20, went down 2-4 to all the more at that point twofold of his age Stephen Kershaw of Britain in the absolute initially round of the principal occasion. In the wake of getting a first round bye in the second challenge, he endured 2-4 misfortune because of John Welsh of Britain in the second round. In the third occasion he met his destiny in the first round being thumped out straight 4-0 by Lukas Kleckars of Germany.

Showing up since 2015, Yasir lost 2-4 to 16-year-old Lei Peifan of China 2-4 in the first round of the primary occasion.

Additionally, he lost 2-4 to Britain's Matthew Glasby in first round in second Q School. In the last he fell prey 1-4 to Jeff Cundy of Britain in the first round.

The 36-year-old Haider endured misfortune in every one of the three occasions in the primary rounds.

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