Concentrate more on youngsters to push ahead, says previous extraordinary Datuk Razif to BAM

Choose an elite executive at the lesser dimension to restore Malaysian badminton.

Malaysia are lingering a long ways behind the remainder of the top badminton countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Denmark, India and Taiwan.

Right now, just previous national players Chan Peng Soon-Goh Liu Ying are positioned in the best 10 remaining on the planet at the fifth position.

Previous global Datuk Razif Sidek trusts the foundation of the issue is absence of center in the nation's lesser program.

Razif feels a superior executive for the lesser program at the Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) will help quick track the advancement in an efficient manner.

Badminton Relationship of Malaysia (BAM) are at present headed by national training executive Wong Choong Hann, who supervises the world class and junior program and screens the five head mentors in the group.

Choong Hann is liable to the national body's instructing and preparing board of trustees headed by Datuk Ng Jaw Chai.

Razif said it would be extreme for Choong Hann to deal with everything.

"It'll be incredible if there is another exhibition chief at the lesser dimension to help Choong Hann. Both need to work connected at the hip," said Razif.

Razif said the lesser program don't see a legitimate change of a youthful growing player to the senior group.

"The youngsters need to get the best training. On the off chance that they are great, they have to get quick exposures at the more elevated amount," said Razif.

"Our youngsters need to prepare full time as well. Right now, the best youngsters are juggling among studies and sports.

"I trust a full-time execution chief at the lower level will improve the nature of our youngsters," included Razif.

It is additionally discovered that there are issues of bias and absence of straightforwardness in determination of youngsters for global competitions.

The principal admission in the BAM's lesser program are the Structure One understudies yet not every one of them measure up to the top. Some surrender part of the way through leg wounds while others don't get the correct inspiration to drive forward on.

Truth be told, in some cases, state players, who get through the BAM framework at the later stage perform superior to the BAM junior players, who began from the base positions.

Malaysia have created numerous Asian and world junior badminton champions - shockingly, we don't see many remaining on to wind up world mixers. This must change!

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