ICC guards no-hold day choice, accuses unseasonable climate

NOTTINGHAM: The Universal Cricket Gathering (ICC) on Tuesday protected not booking save days for gathering matches at the downpour defaced World Cup and accused the disturbances for 'very unseasonable climate'.

A record three matches have just been either deserted or canceled in the climate hit competition and the estimate is for further washouts this week.

The coordinators have been reprimanded for not assigning hold days in the gathering stage and active ICC CEO David Richardson said it was anything but a practical thought.

"Considering in a save day for each match ... would fundamentally expand the length of the competition and for all intents and purposes would be incredibly intricate to convey," he said in an announcement.

The knockout phase of the six-week competition incorporates hold days yet it would post a gigantic calculated test at the gathering stage and bother everybody, Richardson said.

"There is additionally no certification that the hold day would be free from downpour it is possible that," he said.

Bangladesh mentor Steve Rhodes scrutinized the coordinators after his group's match against Sri Lanka was deserted on Tuesday without a ball bowled in Bristol.

"We put men on the moon, so for what reason wouldn't we be able to have a save day, when really this competition is a long competition?" Rhodes jested. "I know strategically, it would have been a major cerebral pain for the competition coordinators... be that as it may, we have a considerable amount of time in the middle of diversions, and in the event that we must travel multi day later, at that point so be it."

Sri Lanka chief Dimuth Karunaratne recognized the strategic test yet at the same time felt result days fit everybody.

"It is difficult, yet on the off chance that they can put on a hold day, it would be useful for everybody," said Karunaratne, whose group's past match against Pakistan was additionally washed out.

Richardson, notwithstanding, accused the disturbances for an 'amazingly unseasonable climate'.

"Over the most recent few days we have encountered more than double the normal month to month precipitation for June which is typically the third driest month in the UK," he said.

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